Review Your Insurance Policy

Now is the time to review your property insurance policy and coverage limits. When reviewing your policy, make sure you have enough coverage to adequately cover your property. If you have made significant improvements to your home or business, you want to make sure those improvements are covered by your policy, as renovations usually increase a property’s value. Revising your coverage to reflect the value you have invested into improving or renovating is important and should be done annually. Unfortunately, we have seen instances where homes sustained significant damage after renovations but due to the fact that insurance coverage was not increased after the renovations, the insureds were limited to outdated and undervalued coverage. This realization can be devastating for a property owner but it is luckily avoidable with a simple policy review.

You should also review your policy to make certain that any likely hazards will be covered and you will have adequate coverage to compensate you for property damages. Beware of exclusions or limitations in your policy! In an effort to assist homeowners and business owners, our office is available to review your insurance policy and can provide a complete analysis of your insurance policy to make sure your property is adequately insured.

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