Acts of bad faith by insurance companies provide a basis for individual or business policyholders to sue for breach of contract and for breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. There are several situations in which insurance bad faith may occur. Property damages claims, claims for medical bills, and disability claims all provide opportunities for insurance companies to act in bad faith. In some instances, emotional distress damages and punitive damages may be awarded in a suit for insurance bad faith.

The Biller Law Firm takes pride in its representation of policyholders against insurance companies who engage in unfair insurance practices. We have established legal precedent favorable to policyholders, we have drafted legislation which was enacted helping insureds and we’ve recovered millions of dollars of unfair insurance practice and bad faith payments from insurance carriers for our clients.

We can help you if your insurance company has denied your claim by wrongfully accusing you of arson or fraud. Recognizing that insurance companies have an advantage by retaining attorneys who practice primarily in property insurance law, fire investigation techniques, and claims handling procedures, Biller, Sachs, Zito & LeMoult can provide policyholders and the victims of fire losses with the same advantage. With our own experience and access to top experts in fire investigation and analysis, we can coordinate and oversee the investigation of a fire to determine the true cause or origin of a fire if your insurance company has denied your claim by wrongfully accusing you of arson or fraud.

If your insurance company has denied your fire loss claim, the result could be financial ruin. If your loss claim has been delayed or denied by your insurance company, contact us immediately at 203-281-1717. We have a successful record making insurance companies live up to their obligations to policyholders.

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