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What if this marriage can be saved?  Marital Mediation is a way to strengthen your marriage.  It is not unusual to have conflicts concerning time and money in your marriage. Marital Mediation is a way for both of you to identify your concerns, develop options and engage in negotiations leading to mutually satisfying agreements. This is an opportunity to address those concerns which, if left to simmer on the back burner, eventually boil over, leading to the collapse of the marriage. 

  • Are you having difficulty in your marriage?
  • Are you thinking: if only he would…, if only she would…
  • Are you thinking life might be better without your mate, but…?
  • Are you tired of being the sole income earner?
  • Are you tired of making all the appointments and getting everyone where they need to be?

Maybe it is time to mediate to save the marriage rather than discard it. Marital mediation affords you the opportunity to enter into a contractual commitment to save your marriage.

Attorney Zito has over 30 years of experience in family matters and dispute resolution.  She can help you identify your concerns and facilitate your negotiations.  She can help you tailor solutions that work for both of you.

To get started, contact Attorney Zito at 203-281-1717 for an appointment for you and your spouse to learn more about Marital Mediation.

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