The Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Center and Attorney Zito is now offering divorce mediation for a flat fee.  If you answer yes to any of the following, you may qualify for a flat fee of $4,500.

  • Are finances limited?
  • Are custody/parenting concerns resolved?
  • Are you a W-2 employee?

The cost of divorce has skyrocketed.  If your resources are limited and you want the extra protection of a well-crafted agreement that takes into consideration all of your concerns, consider Flat-Fee Mediation. It may be the answer for you.

Flat fee mediation includes: three negotiation sessions, preparation of Legal papers, Financial Affidavits and a fully drafted Divorce Separation Agreement. Filing fees and court appearance are not included.

Please contact Attorney Louise Zito at 203-281-1717 to arrange a consultation to see if you qualify.

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