Divorce Mediation

At the Center, we offer a variety of Mediation options to suit your needs. Mediation is flexible, confidential and inexpensive. It gives you a way to settle the conflicts and issues between you and another without resorting to a court trial.

Mediation is a process under which an impartial person, the Mediator, facilitates communication between the parties to promote reconciliation, settlement, or understanding among them. The Mediator may suggest ways of resolving the dispute, but may not impose his own judgment on the issues for that of the parties.

Mediation has advanced over the last twenty years to become an essential component of the civil litigation practice, with courts often requiring mediation before issuing a trial date.

Mediation is particularly successful in employment and labor matters as the parties often have an ongoing and continuous relationship that could be permanently damaged by the litigation process. For the same reasons, it is very effective in Divorce and Custody matters. See: Divorce MediationCo-Mediation.

It is my goal to help you recognize what is important to you, your needs and interests and to help you negotiate your conflicts in a way that makes sense for you. Mediation provides an open and free environment to exchange information so that you and your spouse, sibling, parent, whomever can negotiate with each other in confidence. Working with the same base of information allows you to negotiate a resolution that makes sense to both.

Finding peaceful solutions to problems keeps your family together.  Post-divorce: Mom and Dad can attend their daughter’s graduation together, Mom and Mom can work together to find the pre-school that is best for their son, and brother and sister can determine the best support plan for Dad in his dementia.

Attorney Louise Zito, as a neutral mediator, helps parties identify issues, realize their true interests, assist in their negotiations, and help them reach a final resolution to conflict. She can be contacted at 203-281-1717.

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