Divorce with Dignity: Helping divorcing couples resolve their differences in a dignified and respectful manner.

Sometimes, especially during divorce, complicated financial or emotional issues are best addressed with the help of two mediators with specific expertise.  At the center we can provide expert Financial and Family/Parenting professionals to help mediate these concerns. Co-mediation offers you the most qualified people for your individual needs.


There are several advantages to co-mediating with a financial specialist.  Oftentimes one spouse is responsible for managing assets and income, leaving the other in the dark as to the type, amount and accessibility of assets.  Likewise, paying bills and managing debt may not be an automatic skill set for the spouse who has not had this responsibility.  Even if both spouses/partners have participated in the financial process during the marriage, separation of assets and managing of finances post-dissolution is an entirely different matter.

Co-mediation with a financial specialist provides:

  • Collection of financial data by a divorce financial specialist in a private setting
  • Explanation of assets and debt service
  • Budgeting for pre and post dissolution
  • Ability to run on the spot scenarios for both income and asset division
  • Distinguishing between non-retirement and retirement assets
  • Post dissolution financial follow-up

During the course of the mediation, financial questions arise calling for further information from a financial specialist.  The process may be delayed by sending the mediating persons to their individual financial planners or accountants, and perhaps receiving contrary information.  In Co-Mediation the financial specialist, who is neutral, is in the room and can provide information to both at the same time.  Each person hears the questions of the other leading to a greater understanding of the financial needs and prospects of both parties.

Every aspect of a divorce has a financial impact.  It makes sense to address the financial questions along with the legal questions.


Divorce is both a legal and an emotional journey. It is often difficult to address the legal concerns without addressing the emotional concerns.  While one of the goals is to move forward, the rate of speed for the emotional journey may not be the same rate of speed for the legal journey.

CO-MEDIATION with an Attorney and Mental Health Professional can provide:

  • The ability to stay on course
  • Assistance in communication and listening
  • A Co-Parenting Plan
  • Assistance in redefining relationships
  • Emotional stability for the future

Having a mental health professional in the room helps to manage emotions and filter what is necessary for the process from what is necessary for personal growth.  When emotions overpower negotiations, communication stops and the process stagnates. Managing those emotions provides for a healthier, more efficient and effective resolution to the concerns of the divorcing family.

Attorney Zito works with leaders in the field of Finance and Mental Health who specialize in divorce and family matters. To get started, contact Attorney Zito at 203-281-1717 for an appointment for you and your spouse to learn more about CO-MEDIATION.

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