I asked Dr. Sidney Horowitz (clinical psychologist) for some suggestions to offer parents who are in the process of separating or experiencing difficulty in their marriage and are trying to help their children with their struggles in dealing with Covid-19.  

He offers the following:

“Mild stress is of course unavoidable, and can indeed help to motivate change. But, increased stress, especially over time, may create or increase the likelihood of developing emotional and physical difficulties.

That said, customized intervention plans that are developmentally appropriate can act as shock absorbers and better protect all members of the family. The ingredients of these intervention strategies will allow parents to create a temporary parenting plan structure. We all do better with elements of predictability and structure. Details including, but not limited to the following, are:

  • Preparing Meals
  • Shopping
  • Cleaning
  • Home Schooling
  • Discipline
  • Bedtime Rituals
  • Time off from Parenting
  • Work Schedules
  • Financial Responsibilities
  • Safe Ways to Disagree / Argue

You may be contemplating turning to the Courts for remedies for your family problems, but the Courts are not available for you right now. Even when they reopen, they cannot give you the time and attention you and your family need and deserve. During this crisis, mediators and collaborative professionals can assist you in reaching resolutions to your family problems in ways that benefit all.

Dr Horowitz is available to assist families in developing plans to reduce conflict during this crisis, through remote video conferencing. [email protected].,

P. 203-573-9521.

I am available to help you resolve your family problems through mediation, reach solutions specifically geared for this crisis period and work in the Collaborative

Process to help you move forward with your separation or divorce. [email protected],

203-988-5462 or 203-281-1717.

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