Biller, Sachs, Raio & Zito Divorce Resource Library

10 Key Questions to Ask in an Initial Divorce Consultation

  1. What methods of divorce are available to me?
  2. What experience and training do you have in these methods?
  3. If I hire you, will you represent me or will I be passed off to someone else in your office?
  4. What kind of access will I have to you?
  5. If you are not available can your assistant or paralegal answer my questions?
  6. What is your hourly fee?
  7. Do you charge less for work done by paralegals?
  8. How much retainer do you require and is it refundable if not fully used?
  9. What happens when my retainer runs out?
  10. Could there be issues in my divorce requiring the need for other experts/professionals?
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