Protect your family against unexpected job loss!!!

You and your spouse can now take out insurance that covers child support and spousal support in the event that the payor loses his or her job. In this shaky economy, no one’s job is guaranteed.  When the main wage-earner is terminated due to downsizing or other corporate decisions having nothing to do with the fault of the employee, it has a devastating effect on the divorced family unit.

The parent receiving child support or the spouse receiving alimony is often dragged back into court for a modification of support due to the payor’s job loss.  The payor’s income is dramatically reduced to the unemployment compensation payment, which then has to be shared with the ex-spouse and/or children.

With this insurance, you can:

  • Avoid reduction for support for 24 weeks out of the year
  • Avoid costly legal expenses due to modification proceedings
  • Avoid having to share the much lesser income awarded through Unemployment Compensation
  • Have time to find new employment knowing your support payments are being covered.

To qualify:

  • The payor must be a W-2 employee
  • The payor must be eligible to receive unemployment compensation

Attorney Zito discovered this product and became convinced that it is essential coverage for those getting divorced.  She is now committed to spreading the word in Connecticut, as a marketing director, to those getting divorced, to family law attorneys and professionals, to judges, to mediators and those involved in collaborative divorce.

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