Divorce Attorney Loise Zito
Attorney Louise Zito

Attorney Zito was asked to comment on Public Act No. 15-7 by the Connecticut Law Tribune. This law became effective on October 1, 2015 and will allow couples who have engaged in divorce Mediation or Collaborative Divorce to dissolve their marriage without waiting the 90 day time period required by statute.

The law allows those couples with a written Divorce Separation Agreement to go to court waiving the Statutory Time Period and waiving Service of Process by a Marshall.  Zito sees this as an important first step to offering an equitable alternative to a lengthy and costly divorce process.

One provision of this act allows certain couples with agreements to jointly petition the court for a divorce without one person having to bring a lawsuit against the other.  This bill limits the circumstances under which couples can file jointly to those without children, have limited assets, are not in bankruptcy, married eight years or less and have no protective order in place.  Zito commented that despite the limitations “…. It acknowledges the need for an alternative to litigated divorce.”

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